Mr. X Resurfaces!

So, there’s been a bit of a hiatus in ‘Trail blog-land, hasn’t there? Time to make amends.

I could tell you about a whole bunch of mediocre, mundane stuff vaguely related to the tour. I could tell you about some new initiatives which looked promising then appeared to run into the ground. I could also regale you with various examples proving that if a job is worth doing, do it yourself.

But why bother?! That’s boring. And also retrospective.

So, what’s on the agenda. A few things. Anyway, it’s time for a more dedicated and concerted blogging effort from now on. There’s a couple of reasons for this, which I won’t bore you with just now. All that matters is that there will be regular posting regarding the ‘Trail, the spy world, and other associated areas, whether it’s the tourism industry or the odd miscellaneous rant and rave.

‘New and improved’? That’s for others to judge!

Anyway, the most logical place for me to start is with what’s been going on recently in ‘Trail land.

InterContinental London Westminster     A couple of weeks ago, I was presenting at Westminster’s newest (and rather nice it must be said) 5* hotel to a horde of event organisers and assorted invitees. Up on stage with a lectern and not one but two lovely screens, the resulting PowerPoint was a visual delight (I would of course say that!) as I quickly (there’s never enough time!) offered the punters an appreciation of how much spy history there is on the surrounding streets. IMAG0636Well received and with several immediate enquiries for more information and corporate bookings for Autumn, it was a good day. And as for some of the food and drink on offer…. Yum.

I’ll digress now as I’ll be covering the hotel in a separate post.


New ‘Westminster & Water’ Trail launches next month!     After dithering for about 18 months whether to launch this brand new route or not, I finally bit the bullet. The new Westminster & Water ‘Trail launches on 1st September, with its starting point coincidentally right beside the InterContinental Westminster.

So just now I’m neck deep in finalising content. Or rather, trying to make sure that I keep to the advertised time. You know what I’m like once I get talking! There’s a bit more walking involved in this route compared with the others, which gives clients the opportunity to either ask me more questions as we walk from point to point, or to enjoy some peace and quiet! The other good news is that the end point is beside a pub! (You’re buying!)

Anyway, it’s been a long time coming – too long – so looking forward to getting things underway. Tours are – and already have been – bookable so if you fancy it, get in touch.

The Book     Ah yes. The book. The book that – for an equally absurd time – continues to taunt me. I hear it saying to me “self publish or find a traditional publisher? Make your bloody mind up!” Tell me about it!  Anyway, initial work has begun and as things settle down after Autumn I’ll get more involved in it and update you accordingly.

So that’s it for now, and I’ll be back sooner rather than later!

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