Pinning Hope on Pinterest

There’s just never enough time in the day is there?!

So, the blog was meant to be posted a few days ago – ideally each Friday. However, you know what they say about best laid plans blah blah. I’ve still got my tax return to file before the 31st  and I’m hurriedly finishing content for the newsletter – out around the same time. No rest for the wicked, indeed. Then on Saturday I escaped the clutches of the computer and went to the Excursions travel trade expo up in Alexandra Palace in north London: more of that next week.

Today I was on tour – in truly foul weather it has to be said – but I wasn’t complaining. Firstly, I was getting paid; secondly, it was with a loyal overseas client, so good to see him once more – that’s his third time now! Thirdly, it was the Westminster & Water ‘Trail – nice to be doing that again seeing as the Classic tour does seem to be the perennial favourite.

So now on a Sunday night and watching a recording of Air Force One on the TV before Mr. Selfridge comes on, it’s time to write something. BTW, did you know about the store’s spy history? Another time perhaps…such a tease, aren’t I ?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog of late, you’ll have read about me wanting to grab the social media bull by the horns and give it what for. One of the things I wanted to get established was a ‘Trail profile on Pinterest, the social media site that’s creating waves for all the right reasons. Two years ago I was at a CIM travel industry seminar where one of the speakers was spouting wonderful things about Pinterest, especially when compared with Facebook and Twitter referral rates. In short, Pinterest kicks ass.

And in true Pinterest-y infographic fashion, here’s some more ass-kicking figures.

So where does the ‘Trail fit into all of this visual loveliness then? Obviously, the ‘Trail is a very visual experience. You’re looking at and passing by multiple buildings and locations: how much more visual can you get? With travel marketing, the key themes to be emphasised are the sense of discovery (in the ‘Trail’s case this entails learning new things, or getting an entirely new perspective on a previously well known landmark) and the overall experience. Pinterest can exploit these beautifully: a picture IS worth a thousand words.

Therefore when you visit the ‘Trail on Pinterest you’ll see a regular build up of spy snaps appearing. Of course there will be some London spy locations appearing, some of which you’ll have come across if you’ve been on tour. With close to 300 ‘spy sites’ across the city, there’s no shortage of potential snaps to be taken and uploaded for your visual delectation. There’ll also be some promo imagery as well: who knows, maybe some rather colourful ones (can’t help but think of the potential Sexpionage ones!)

Feel free to repin the images and spread the word about London’s spy capital status, and well okay then, the ‘Trail too if you feel so inclined. Hell, ain’t that one of the joys of Pinterest anyway!

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